Build a Life EXACTLY How you want it

The roadmap to freedom, happiness, time and financial independence

From small business owners to World class teams

Who is this for?


Overwhelmed and unfulfilled

Are you sick and tired of feeling disappointed by tasks not done and dreams you missed?


Overworked and afraid

Are you done with being afraid and distracted by all the things that could go wrong?


Overtime and missing out

Did you have enough of missing kids events, evening with friends and dating?


Focused and energized

Would you like to easily prioritize work that moves you daily closer to your goals?


Unshakable confidence

Can you imagine feeling calm and in complete control of your life no matter what happens?


Family time and freedom

Want to give your kids and spouse what they need the most - time with you?

Who is Aristotel?

For the last 20 years Aristotel Dascal has helped

small business owners, Fortune 500 organizations and purpose-driven people

get the results they desire, maximize their impact and do what they love every day

by living strategically in their passion.

How it works?

Create a bulletproof strategy

"You're the first person, in 16 years, that was able to address our problems. We were leaving millions of dollars on the table!"


Michael Fomkin,

Founder, VIP Ignite

Execute it with passion and joy

“We knew we had to do more with less. You helped us finally get on a roadmap, making progress. We really needed help there!"


Zhenya Beck,

Co-Founder, Freightera

Take control of you mind

Harness the energy of your desires focusing on what you would truly love to have.

Build your Strategy

Create a vision for your business and life, inspiring goals and a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

Track progress

Observe objectively and non-judgementally your progress, and pivot patiently into micro-improvements.

Surrender to the inspiration

Turn inspiration into ideas, and use emotions to choose empowering beliefs and decisions.

how business owners like your use this framework to boost their result

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